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Florence is a city rich in cultural and historical events. The Hotel Argentina will reveal to you some secrets on the traditional Florentine feasts, specifying when and where you will be able to find interesting, exciting and fascinating events.

The carriage explosion
On Easter day, the people of Florence gather near the Dome to see the Carriage explosion, a procession made up of the most ancient families of Florence wearing traditional costumes and sitting on a huge carriage pulled by four white cows. When the above-mentioned carriage is near the church square, it stops in front of the big open doors and, when the Gloria is sung a dove rising from the carriage explodes. This is considered to be a crucial moment because the abundance of the future harvest depends on the positive outcome of the firework.

Il Palio remiero
As a prelude to historic soccer, in the early days of June, the four medieval districts challenge each other to a rowing race on the Arno river.

Florentine soccer
In memory of St. John, Patron Saint of Florence, this is one of the most popular and appreciated celebrations. The procession of banners from the different districts ends in Piazza Santa Croce, where Florentinr soccer matches take place. During these matches, the various town districts challenge each other. Today still, in occasion of the summer solstice, the teams meet for three Sunday matches. The 27 players wearing the colours of their districts, face each other in a very aggressive match, a mixture of soccer, rugby and wrestling. Each match is preceded by a XV century costume procession. Every match ends with the magnificent fireworks held in Piazzale Michelangelo.

La festa di San Lorenzo
On August 10th the citizens of Florence celebrate in front of the church of St. Lorenzo in tribute to the Medici’s patron saint.

La festa della Rificolona
September is considered to be the children’s month; on 7 September (the Virgin’s birthday) many children meet, equipped with coloured paper lanterns in Piazza Santissima Annunziata. Every child decorates and paints his lantern as he likes most.

Pitti Immagine
It is considered to be one of the biggest fashion international exhibitions. It was created with the purpose of promoting the Italian fashion system.

Nowadays, there are 5 fashion shows which takes place in Florence. This is an occasion to bring together experts of the sector and connoisseurs from all over the world: Pitti Immagine for Man, Children, Linen, Lifsetyle and Fragrances.

Each of these shows represents an updated and complete picture of high-level Italian and international fashion.

La Stazione Leopolda
Leopolda Station is an ancient train station wanted by Leopoldo di Lorena and built in 1848. Thanks to its massive industrial architecture and to the flexibility of its spaces, today it is the setting in which many events of Florentine cultural life, such as: Station to Station, a festival of music for young people which takes place in Autumn, and Fabbrica Europa, a musicaland theatrical review in which world cultures mix together. During the year, Leopolda Station hosts many events among which, concerts, art, photography, design, architecture exhibitions, festivals and plays, fashion shows, communication and exhibition events.

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